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Educational Tour in Tripura

Tripura is a erstwhile princely state. Pollution free, eco friendly environment and pleasant weather of this panoramic state is inhabited largely by 19 Tribes, Bengali and Manipuri etc. communities.

Tourism has emerged as one of the most important segments of the economy. With the improvement in the standard of living of people of Tripura as well as other States, tourism is gaining more importance. Endowed with rich variety of tourist attractions consisting of archaeological monuments, palaces, water bodies, temples, mosques & Buddhist Stupas of religious significance, forest and wild life, traditional craftsmanship, rich cultural diversity, Tripura offers vast potential for growth of Tourism.

Return of peace in the state and proximity with bangladesh provide highly advantageous conditions for development of tourism in the state. As a result the inflows of tourist traffic both domestic and foreign are increasing day by day.

The Government of Tripura has taken a comprehensive plan for promotion of Tourism in the state, which includes among other things augmenting accommodation facilities, improving the existing infrastructure and attraction at major tourist destinations, developing the communication network and strengthening the skill of the manpower engaged in this sector.

 Major Tourist Attractions are-Ujjayanta Palace,  Tripura Government Museum, Sukanta Academy,  Purbasa,  Nehru Park, tt2  Rabindra Kanan,  Agartala,  Govt.Medical College,  M.B.B College,  Benuban Bihar,Nazrul Kalashetra.

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