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India has always been a Tourist Destination that fascinates the travelers from nook and corner of the globe. The Civilization that has flown like a river since time immemorial, the majestic forts, the heritage wonders, the refreshing  Himalayas, the exciting Wildlife, Deserts of Rajasthan, Serene Coastal Beaches, the Sacred Ganges, Vibrating Bodh Gaya, Peaceful Kanyakumari, Virgin Hills of the Northeast and what not : all these shape up the identity of this country that invites the travelers to spend their Vacation Tours in this country with a guarantee to offer them unexpected thrill and memorable experiences to last for a lifetime.

Tourist rush to India to spend their Vacation tours in the Summers, in the Winters, in the Spring ….. throughout all seasons of the year at different destinations inside the country.

Edu Tours India offers a large number of exciting options for all tourists who visit India on their Vacations Tours. It has been our philosophy to infuse certain number of exciting events and programs in these tours  which are unique in the tourism industry. Our extra efforts to make the tour plan memorable makes sure that the visitors take back to their home destinations more than just happy memories; compelling them to return to this country again and again for many more vacation tours in their future.

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